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Learn at your own pace with a personal technology trainer. Our trainer shows you basic computer skills such as how to use the Internet, your mobile device (iPad, Smart phone, tablet or laptop computer),  social media Apps such as Facebook, help you to set up your email account and some some online safety tips. We offer individualised 1 hour one-on-one sessions tailored to your specific learning needs. Bring along your laptop or mobile device (if you have one) or use our computer or iPad.

$40 per 1 hour session.

Call 9888 0234 or fill in the form below to book. Various times available.

Topics may include:

    • iPad, tablet or mobile smart phone
    • Computers and Internet Basics
    • Apps – e.g. App Stores, Banking, eBay, Skype
    • Social Media e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
    • Email & Photos
    • Microsoft Office
    • Windows & MacbookS